Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taking A Walk

A guard talking to his relatives. I know the dialect he's using. A baby crying as his father tries to quieten him. A guy standing on the balcony and talking to his parents at home. Explaining why he wasn't able to call earlier. Too much work, he says. I wonder if thats the real reason. A car goes screaming past me. A couple taking a walk. The TV is on in a house. Some stock market stuff. I think about my stocks for a moment and realize there's no point. The weather is gorgeous. Even by the city's standards.

Long time since I took one of these walks. This one's short though. Hardly 20 minutes. I want to think about my essays but nothing really comes to my mind. Instead I just let it wander. Think about same time, last year. I do a little chain of thoughts thing. But come back after a minute or so. I fast forward to 2009. A thought makes me smile. I head back home.


Shreyas said...

lets share best practices of essay writing when you and i are online next time...this blog was scary, like brownian motion...

Jayashree Bhat said...

I liked the first paragraph. It was like many pictures were being flashed before me. The second one didn't make a lot of sense as I'm guessing it's personal.
Blogging after aaages..Feels good to be back, though I don't know for how long I will continue to post before I go into hibernation again.