Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Mornings

I love my mornings. It's a different thing that they start at around 9:30-10:00! Getting up early has been and remains one of my greatest weaknesses. In school, before exams, I used to forgo that last chapter for an extra hour of sleep telling myself that there wouldn't be any questions from it. Statistically, I could say it worked. In college, things weren't any different. Morning classes were meant to be bunked. Here and now, my current employers have made sure that I don't have to change.

Mornings, to me, should be unhurried. And that's what they are in Bangalore. These days, quite often, it begins with an email which sets the tone for the day. A song from a friend, a longish reply to a question asked or one from a US B School student. Yes I am a sucker for long emails.

Having a cup of tea, glancing through the Bangalore Times and the sports page of ToI, changing channels from CNN IBN to Vh1 and MTV, putting on some music (these days its John Mayer) and just standing in the balcony for a minute, I let the day begin slowly. I think a little about what the day holds for me, if I have work at office or not, which match is on in the evening (Thank God for the Euro after the IPL!)

There's a certain freshness, a promise that I have come to associate with these mornings. Nothing out of the ordinary happens. But there's this feel good thing, an expectation even. Also it's one part of the day when my emotions have been constant. In the last couple of months or so, I have oscillated between feeling at ease and good about myself to feeling terribly low and doubting every step I have taken. I know everyone has them but I've had them too often for my own comfort. But almost every morning, I've felt like looking up to something. Its felt like a new beginning.

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Rohan Rai said...

Come on Man...never underestimate the power of morning music :)