Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The February Post

On most weekday mornings (barring the ones in which sleep gets the better of him) he's the teacher. Not in the strictest sense of the word though. More a guide. And the kids love the fact that they can officially bunk classes.
On all weekend mornings, he's the student. The 'keeps quiet', 'doesn't ask too many questions' type. The teacher seldom notices him except when he happens to do things better than what she though he would be capable of. He likes the feel of it.
On a weekday, from afternoon to late evening, he's the reluctant software engineer just going about his job and discovering new songs on the net. At times, he takes up the role of the amicable colleague who finalises the treats. He even stays up late for calls on some days and doesn't feel too bad about it.
On some nights he's the friend who's willing to listen to yet another heart break from someone he knows and give loads of 'funde'. Some of which he himself doesnt believe in.
At random times during the week (but mostly on weekend afternoons) he's the guitarist trying to explore the fretboard. His flatmates havent thrown him out yet and his next door neighbour has been pretty appreciative of his efforts, so he will continue.
On most weekday mornings, after being the guide, he's the investor trying to be intelligent. He wants to sound cool by saying something like "power and infra should see a surge post budget...". And he better be right because he's put his money there.
On late nights he's the dreamer who's dreaming big about the next year. And for a change, he has started taking baby steps towards it. Early days, ignorance; he can't really say, but he's feeling quite at ease with himself.
It's a period of his life which has more purpose than the previous few. He wants to change a few things about himself. Right now, he is content because he has started acting on the decisions he had made sometime back. And there's a feeling that they were the right ones.