Monday, December 28, 2009

Winter Break: the unhurried life

It's a testimony to the pace at which life goes on here, that its been only two weeks into the winter break even though I feel like I've been vacationing forever. It's a welcome change. In some sense, a throwback to my days in Bangalore, where the mornings were unhurried (yes, office started at 11 AM) and started with sipping chai in the balcony, turning on the TV and reading the Times of India. And that's why, yesterday in particular, reminded me of life before B-School. The Wall Street Journal has replaced the Times of India and it's a little too cold to actually stand in the balcony. The number of roommates has reduced from 3 to 1 and no longer is there a cook to make tea. But the sun rays streaming down the sliding glass door, and the the satisfaction of dipping the biscuit in the cup of tea was good enough.

Charlottesville is pretty empty now. It's a little too quiet for me. A week ago, I was having this big city, small city conversation with a friend in New York and how the people around you become so much more important in smaller cities. I totally get it now. Fortunately, there are a bunch of us here and so in between watching movies, killing time, going out to eat and preparing for the interviews (the time devoted to each decreasing in the order in which listed); we've managed to keep ourselves busy. Somewhat.

Another 3 weeks before the break gets over. And on the 1st day of 2010, I leave for San Francisco. In India, we say that the entire year mimics whatever you do on the first day of the year. 1st Jan, 2008 - I flew from Singapore to Bangalore. There were around 12-15 more flights during the rest of the year. 1st Jan, 2009 - Minneapolis. I woke up at around 12 in the noon, after a long night of drinking and partying in sub zero temperatures and worked the whole day on the Darden essays (they were due on the 4th).

Will 2010's first day have any bearing on the rest of the year? It's anybody's guess.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

The Season's First Snow

Brianne's ping was the perfect excuse I needed to go out. It was the Saturday after a brutal week at Darden and even with exams looming large, I just couldn't get myself to study. Most Facebook statuses ran on the lines of 'Oh it's snowing in C'ville...'. For a lot of us it was the first snowfall of our lives. My mind went back to another Saturday morning earlier this year, when I had ventured out in harsher temperatures. It wasn't snowing back then, though.

I love lamp posts. There's this old world, story like charm to them. Always reminds me of childhood stories of a quiet town, with a railway station and a solitary lamp post. And the yellow in this case looked so contrasting against the backdrop.

Contrast, again. This time red against white. A much stronger one. And the way the snowflakes had melted to form a lump of watery ice and had yet managed to stay atop the red berries.

Park benches at Darden. Another one of those objects towards which I have a strange attraction. No reason. Totally random.

Same colors. Same lump of ice. Different setting.

Stripped of all its leaves, the branches of the tree still prevent the grass underneath from being totally covered with snow, adding a dash a green to the picture.