Friday, September 14, 2007

The Night After The Rains

Incessant rain for the last two days had washed the roads clean except for the fallen leaves under the trees. The running water had left trails in the mud that had accumulated on the sides of the roads. It was around 2 o' clock at night and the rain had finally taken a breather.

Someone from a taxi asked for directions.
"Go straight. Take a right from the T and you will hit the Ring Road."

The sound of wind chimes came floating through the air intensifying the silence. The occasional cab would hurry past me. Dropping people home after a long Friday night. I wished I had my jacket on instead of just the T-Shirt. The slight smell of leaves starting to rot wafted from the street. The night made everything look so serene, so at peace with itself. It was tough imagining what the place is like during other times. Smoke bellowing from the exhausts of the vehicles, horns tooting.

Vehicles parked outside the gates. Stray dogs under the street lights. Potholes filled with muddy water. People sleeping in their homes.

A slight drizzle was just about beginning. The sky was still overcast. More rain over the weekend, I thought. I hurried along. Not today. I got drenched yesterday.


sunny said...

Dude...!! 2 o'clock!! Thts crazy!! But, m sure u were loving it[:D]

shravan said...

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen The Rain.mp3

Listen to this song dude!!!!
Am sure u will like it....
perfect for the occassion....

Atish said...

@shravan... awesome!! thanks a ton dude :)

Shreyas said...

yaar now i have a doubt...are u really writing these things or is this copy paste from some really nice fiction novel...some of the i dont even know what they mean.