Friday, September 28, 2007

90 kmph on MG Road

It's 4:45 in the morning. I haven't slept at all. Long Island Tea maybe. I put on my jeans and jacket, take my helmet and go out.

It's still dark although the city has just about started to wake up. The trucks on the Ring Road, the small roadside shacks which are beginning to open, a few early morning joggers. There is a bite in the air as I pull up the zipper of my jacket and put on my helmet. The neon lights of the huge office complexes and the LEVI's showroom seem scary, trying to disturb the calm of the dawn.

No tooting of horns on Airport Road. Taxis and autos lined up near the arrival and departure. SPOT taxis carrying people. People going out to unwind. People coming back home after an exhausting week. I look up as an aeroplane is about to land. It's still dark.

I reach MG Road but only manage to touch 80. The metro construction has made the road narrower. As the first signs of the morning begin to show, I am circling the Ulsoor Lake. I stop for a while to take a walk around its periphery. People running, stretching, walking. I get back on my bike and head towards MG Road again to try and hit 3 figures. I fall ten short though and that too for only about a couple of seconds. The cuts are too many and the risk of a sudden vehicle appearing from behind the construction is too much for me. I give up, satisfied nevertheless and turn towards Cubbon Park. The park is very green and quiet but I don't stop.

The lights of the Chinnaswamy Stadium rear up their head above everything else in the vicinity. Bangalore doesn't have many skyscrapers though. I look at my watch. It's almost 6:30. I head back to Koramangala. The city is awake now. I have tea near my house and call up my parents. Ma is worried that something is wrong. I tell her that her son just has these crazy ideas now and then and she believes me. I'm still not feeling sleepy. I think I'll read my book.


anonymous coward said...

did nobody ask you for directions or anything ? ;)

shravan said...

'LIT' really HIT

rocking drink man...
thanks 4 the intro