Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm getting blown away.......

What do you do when you feel restless and irritable because nothing is working out the way you want them to. What do you do when you get the feeling that you are stuck, that you are not moving anywhere (and I absolutely Hate that feeling). I, found solace in the songs of a certain Neil Young

Knowing the kind of music I like, Shravan introduced me to this genius and he couldn't have been more right. The first song I heard was the acoustic version of My My Hey Hey and I instantly knew that I had stumbled across something rare, something original and with class written all over it.
My my, hey hey
Rock and roll is here to stay
It's better to burn out
Than to fade away
My my, hey hey.

The legendary Kurt Cobain had the lines 'It's better to burn out Than to fade away' on his suicide note and yes, he got it from this very song.

Neil Young is a class apart when it comes to his high pitched, almost nasal toned vocals and the way he experiments with different versions of the same song, accompanying it with piano in one version and the guitar and trademark harmonica in the other.
Over the last week and a little more I have indulged myself in discovering as many songs as I can and though there's still a long way to go, I now have some idea of the kind of music he created.

Heart Of Gold is a beautiful song which is bound to touch your heart if you are someone who appreciates melody. It's simple yet haunting and the way he uses the harmonica with the base guitar in the background is something you need to hear to know.

Just when I thought that Young was all about soft melodies with the acoustic guitar and harmonica, I heard Like A Hurricane and it Did blow me off. Listen to it with the speakers on full and I bet the electric guitar solo at the end will stay with you forever.

I am just a dreamer,
but you are just a dream,
You could have been
anyone to me.

Rockin' In The Free World is a typical Rock n Roll song with a lot of base and drums thrown in. Another one to hear with the speakers on full and maybe a bottle of beer in you hand.
Cowgirl In The Sand has a very groovy Bluesy and Jazzy feel to it and just goes on to show the versatility of this man.

Because I'm still in love with you
I want to see you dance again
Because I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon.

This is from Harvest Moon. An utterly romantic number. Listen to it when everything around you is quiet.

And finally, listen to I Believe In You. I don't need to say anything about it.

This is just a peek into what Neil Young is. If you like this much, go ahead and explore. As I am doing right now.

Music can at times reflect your current state of mind. It can soothe your nerves and make you look at things from a different perspective. And Neil Young is as good as it gets.


Tell Me Why has a very distinct Folk and Country feel to it and has such insightful lyrics

Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself,
When your old enough to repay but young enough to sell?


Rohan Rai said...

Man I am hooked to Neil Young like an addict after your intoduction which I will always be grateful of. Something very different. Like in Heart of Gold he is able to express sorrow and ecstasy at the same time (interpretation probably depends on the mood). This guy is giving me goosebumps. Boy a real find, a real gem and God bless you and Shravan.

Lost Soul said...

Nice post .. u sure write very well :)

Atish said...

@rohan.. am SO glad u liked (loved)it
@lost soul thanks ya :)

cathatfished said...

im listening to mike doughty, iron & wine, postal service.. old friend burned a cd i love :) very different from neil young!! as different as it comes!! but if u want to try let me know will send some stuff across

cathatfished said...

oh one of the songs was in the soundtrack of garden state :D

Atish said...

@cathatfished Naked as we come - Iron and Wine.. i like that one.. and i know the one in garden state ur talking abt..

cathatfished said...

yeah well latest favourite is mike doughty :)this particular one called such great heights.
and this time in this CD - more music than the lyrics :)

Atish said...

@cathatfished such great heights is a really nice song... i've heard the postal service version tho :)
more music...thats the way i look(ed?) at songs... well mostly :)

cathatfished said...

ok i give up - uve heard everything :D

one last! mike doughty- unsingable name? thats good too :) has a very hummable ta-dum-ta-dum too :)

Atish said...

@cathatfished.. haha..send it across? :)

cathatfished said...

oo oo and postal service - brand new colony!!

Atish said...

u were right abt the unsingable name ... ta-dum-ta-dum :)

Dwain said...

You would have been right at home in my Dorm module at West Virginia Tech (Montgomery WV) from 79-83. Neil was extremely popular with group of folks I ran with. (I have about all of the Neil Young albums / tapes from that time.) I got see him at a concert in Morgantown, WV 1984.