Saturday, January 05, 2008

Three Cities 3/3 - Soaring In Singapore

This one will be mostly pictures.

150 meters above the ground in a Hot Air Balloon. A breathtaking view of the city during the day.
A 30 minute boat cruise on the Singapore River in the evening, taking us under the bridges and past the brilliantly lit Fullerton Hotel, Merlion and some of the other landmarks.
A chance spotting of a traditional Chinese Lion Dance, complete with drums and gongs.
This birthday was different.

Next day was the trip to Sentosa. The dolphin show, in spite of being a little cheesy was quite good. So was the walk through the tunnel at the Underwater World with hundreds of fishes swimming around us. The fact that my parents liked them more than I did, made it all the more pleasing. And the view from the Merlion Tower, of the sea with the ships anchored was absolutely worth clicking a few pictures.

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