Sunday, December 14, 2008

Something New

The last three weeks have seen me experiencing a new way of life, doing a few firsts, and planning for more. I thought I would die to put them down in this blog. Strangely, I haven't. A time when new things are happening to me everyday has also been characterized by a lethargy, even reluctance, to write about them. Or maybe, I love writing the most when I have nothing else on my mind. But there are a few who still like what I write. Or what I used to. Some who remember that this blog turned three a few days back; who would still be happy to read one of my random ramblings about balance in life and such. About change and nostalgia and memories. This post, is for one such person.

I love it when it's snowing here. I love the sense of romance it carries with it. The way snow flakes settle on my black jacket and reveal their fractals if you care enough to look closely before they melt into tiny droplets of water. The day after a night of heavy snowfall is one of the most gorgeous sights I have seen. Especially when the sun comes out and the pure white snow dazzles all around me. The wooden houses of suburban Minneapolis which line the road that takes me to office, the snow covered parking lots, the lone biker who has perhaps been born and brought up here and is no stranger to the weather, the bearded, homeless man who stands with a sign asking you to help him - each day brings with it a new way to look at the world.
Mundane things like grocery shopping take on daunting proportions as I walk the kilometer long stretch to the mall braving the cold winds which make the temperature fall to -20.

For a long time now, I have wanted my life to spring up surprises. Mostly pleasant ones, I would say! At heart I love uncertainties. Yes, I do crave for the assurance that comes with knowing exactly what to expect from your surroundings and the people you interact with. But maybe because I have led a pretty predictable life, or maybe because I have a tendency to believe in miracles - I keep imagining that I would have moments which would be anything but predictable and mundane. Somebody told me long back that I am a romantic at heart. And to quite an extent, I think I am.

Today I find myself in that kind of situation. A new country, new faces on the streets, new places to visit. The working hours are different as is the way people work. They greet strangers here but at times ask too many questions. I mean do I really care if you put the receipt in the bag or give it to me? There are too many varieties of milk and I give a damn if it contains 2% less fat or has Vitamin X. But there are also so many shoes that I have already bought 3 for myself! At one level there's a lot to feel and absorb. It overwhelms me. I feel I would be able to assimilate only a small bit of it. Particularly because it's a temporary change. On the other hand, knowing for sure that I will go back to Bangalore which by all standards has given me a very comfortable, hassle free life for the last two years and more - makes me enjoy this 'break' more than I might have done, had it been permanent. And of course, the time of the year helps. I have enough breaks to go around a bit, grab all those deals and generally not work too hard at office!

I think I'm really enjoying my stay here because it's a huge shift from my regular life but at the same time comes with an expiry tag. It's like being given space and time to experience something and go all out.

Blogging will most probably be slow paced. As it has been for most of this year. It's contradictory I know, since there would be so much to write about. But I think it's only when I separate myself from events which happen in my life, that I am able to write about them. I take time to assimilate and feel the experiences. The spontaneous reaction is also something, I know. And I wish I had the drive to keep writing as and when things happen. On the fly. In real time. It would have offered a different perspective, I'm sure. But that's the way I am. And moreover, I don't just want to report events.

By the way, the Oasis concert was mind blowing. Matt Costa's opening act with his acoustic guitar was a treat. Ryan Adams disappointed big time. Oasis was out of the world. The stage with the 4 big screens. The lights. The sound. It was indeed magical. And yes, you could buy beer too. We came out with amazement and delight writ large on our faces. Went to HRC for another round of beer. The cute waitress looked way more hot. Or maybe I was too high on alcohol and music.

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