Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday Night @ Hard Rock Cafe

'All of us have our day jobs but we're trying to get this going full time. Let's see.'

I was having a conversation with Matt, the bassist of the band, The Phoenix Philosophy. He told me about a few guitar stores in Minneapolis which have a good collection of acoustic-electric guitars. My friend managed to talk to Ketan, their drummer - the desi guy who had first caught our attention!

Yesterday was a live band night at the Hard Rock Cafe. We had just gone there to spend the evening. So it was a pleasant surprise to find the bands playing. The first band, Major Fifth, didn't sound good to me and even though Matt and his band was a bit too heavy for my taste, with Grey Goose, they sounded good.

At around 12 o' clock the three of us were standing outside, contemplating whether to catch the last bus home or stay another hour and take a cab ride. Bensonwells, the last band for the night, had just started playing. I was beginning to enjoy their sound. And the vodka and Margarita had also started taking effect. A minute later, we were back in the bar with another drink.

It was a great evening. We ended up buying the CD from the vocalist of Bensonwells and today when I heard it, they sounded quite amazing. Just the kind of indie, alternative music I've come to like over the last year and more. And yes, I asked the name of the cute waitress who has been serving us for the last 3 times. 'Karen', she said. I told her that she is beautiful and she smiled and went away.

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Rohan Rai said...

karen ....karen !!!..karen :o :o karen :D :D karen :P :P karen :) :)

way 2 go man :)