Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Of Home and Conversations With Mom & Dad

Home has been good so far. The 'goals' essays hasn't yet come up though there has been slight progress. What's been particularly relieving and almost a surprise has been the conversations I've had with my parents. It's not that I didnt talk to my parents. But of late I had run out of topics. I didn't know if I should be troubling them with my worries and fears. And since there were so many of them, I mostly kept quiet, chatting about inconsequential things and getting my mother to complain that I had become a big bore. This time around though, I had a heart to heart talk with her. About things which I hadnt told her before. Things which are very close to me. It was nice. It eased me. No, she didn't come up with any miraculous solution to my problems, but I trust you to know what I mean. And of course we talked about Bangalore and my friends.

With dad, it was more professional. We talked about the schools I am applying to and the merits of an US MBA. My dreams. This over a few pegs of Absolut Vodka. I made him give me some points on the background/values essays (I mean who better than my dad to do it, right!) and we did come up with some pretty good points. And themes. This was over a glass of Red Wine. And of course, there was the usual talk of values, money, dreams, hopes, failures, friends, relatives. And I did my this-time-next-year thing to which he went ahead and did something like this-time-3-years-hence and what not.

I'm not the kind who is particularly fond of quotes. I like them. They even get stuck at times. And I've tried to maintain a list at different times in my life. But I came across this diary my dad showed to me. He's written down some stuff. A few incidents. Some thoughts. And there were some quotes at the end of it. Some, as I said, stuck.

Words are, of course the most powerful drug used by mankind - Kipling

Never apologize for showing feelings. When you do so, you apologize for the truth - Benjamin Disraeli

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sunny said...

I wish I had such visits home!!!! M jealous! Bloody, vodka with dad is like a dream(sadly that's never goin to happens)..