Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Taking a Break

Yes, I know that of late I have come to dislike the 'soft-acoustic guitar-sentimental lyrics' kind of songs (and Rohan would vouch for that more than anybody else) but this one just cant be Not liked.
So taking a break from my Blues/Classic Rock playlist, here's James Taylor for you.

Never Die Young
Love what he says at the beginning.

Fire And Rain
The minute long applause at the end is totally deserved. I wish I was there.

As with most such songs that I like, listen when there's no noise, preferably with your headphones. And have a look at the lyrics too.
And I wont even bother to do my usual 'sublime guitar blah blah blah' thing. Just listen to the songs. You will know.

Maddu thanks for the intro!


Rohan Rai said...

No matter how much one runs...Will always find songs and lyrics to love which one tries to avoid ...:)

Shreyas said...

yaar your angrezi rock stuff goes over my head...