Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Sound Of "Strings"

I've always liked their sound. Faisal's got a very manly voice. I like his tone too. And Bilal's short, melodic guitar licks have always made me smile. It's never anything complicated but he invariably gets the rock-ish distortion right.

Like everybody else, my introduction to Strings was through Duur. I remember the cassette that I owned. It had Lucky Ali, Strings, Euphoria and some other 'Indi-Pop' bands. It was a treasured possession.
Then there was the other song. Anjaane. It was the song which made me realize the power of Barre Chords. Suhas and I used to sing that song, taken especially by the damping rhythm we could generate. It didnt sound anything like the original. But on his Signature acoustic, we did our own version. And we loved it.

Titliyan - It's easily the most melodic song from their latest album 'Koi Aane Vala Hai'. The guitar and the flute combine to create an amazing bittersweet effect. It's a very 'Indian' tune packaged with a persistent bass, distorted guitar riffs and strong drum beats. Sounds great to me.

dil tha khilauna
chalo toot gaya
kya kahein

koi saathi tha
jisse chaha tha
vohi loot gaya
kya kahein

titliyan yadoon ki
udti jae
lamhon me mujhse kuch
kehti jayein .....

Humsafar is another track which I like more than the rest. But I will leave it to you to find it out if you really want to.

The album's nothing great but it shouldn't do very badly either. It's definitely got that 'Strings' touch to it. For the next few days, it should keep me entertained.

P.S. And yes, I know they are a Pakistani Band and these are not the only songs by them that I enjoy listening to.

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Blue Sky said...

The Coke Studio version of Titliyaan also sounds good. I first listened to this song after reading your blog entry. Since then it has become one of my favourite songs.