Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dust In The Wind

Its been exactly a year since my first post on this blog. Back then I saw blogging just as a very cool concept; techy and literary at the same time. Letting the world know what you feel, creating your own space amongst millions. My inspiration was the blog of a friend who happened to be the only one I knew who had one. He wrote quite beautifully, about things which I could at once relate to. To add to it I was nearing the end of my stay in my college and felt like chronicling some experiences, some observations about life as an undergrad. Also I had loads of time to kill. I was done with CAT and I didn't have to go to classes. It's not that I bunked them. It's just that I didn't have any. So the time seemed pretty ripe to get into blogging.

The switch from the personal hand written diary, which I had been maintaining from the second semester in college, was slow and uncomfortable at times. I didn't have the guts to lay open every feeling I had and every thought that went through my mind, yet I wanted to write about my life and things that mattered to me. Not social or political issues, not movie reviews, (there were better people to do that) but things which concerned my existence, my take on life. Interestingly, someone once asked me if I wrote for myself or for others, was I honest enough when I wrote, why did I think that someone would be interested in reading about my life. I think I still blog for more or less the same reasons for which I started. Primarily it was and still is a means of holding on to all that has gone by, a collection of memories and events which I feel like expressing. I do not care whether people would read it or not but at the same time it makes my day when someone does take the time out to post a comment. I am honest. I write only about things which I have the guts to lay out in the open. So there's still a part of me that's mine.

I am generally very happy when I write. I take my own sweet time to compose my posts which on occasions have taken entire afternoons and nights. I do tend to write and rewrite stuff, do some editing and change phrases. Is it to make it a better read for others. To quite an extent yes but also to some extent, make it a better read for myself. A year and about 23 posts later, I feel though that I keep harping about the same things. I have become very monotonous, writing about the same dilemmas, changes and stuff. But the problem is I don't know what else to write about. I am not good at commenting or politics or social issues. I have lost interest in the state of Indian cricket, although if Ganguly manages to hit a ton in SA (OK, its very remotely possible but please don't laugh), you bet there will be a post; and I have not been doing too much traveling (about which I love to write and used to in my pre-blog days). So if anyone has some interesting suggestions, please let me know.

One major difference from my starting days as a blogger is that earlier I used to wait for things to happen. Now I manufacture them on my own. Take this post for example!!

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sunny said...

happy blog birthday!
Tum likho harazo saal,
saal ke din ho pachas hazaar!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I have read all 23 posts of yours in last 3 days and must say it was a rewarding experience. I enjoyed them all partly because I could identify myself with some of the things you said.
You asked for a suggestion for some topic..... Can you write about your relations with your friends.... What changes you feel and saw in them and their behaviour in last 3-4 years.... Changes in your or their perception towards you and others .... If you find it intersting, you can write something on that.

atish said...

Hmm... interesting, will surely think over it. It's always great to find someone other than the ones you know who reads your blog. Thanks for taking the time out to read my crap :)

Caliguliminix said...

I too have read all the 23 posts in about an years time and your blog's rss feed decorates my toolbar which I check as frequently as I check for slashdot news updates. As someone said earlier, there are a great number of things that I can relate to in your blog and they mean more to me since I happen to know you personally. While reading, I realize and come to know about some facets of your personality that I didn't know of earlier when we were together.

This is just a suggestion, but it would be great if you can write a blog on the hiking trip to Neuli. That trip was a defining moment in my life, almost a dream come true.

nandeeta said...

hey!! one year haan, long time :)

must say, thanks for coming back with this kind of post again... MUCh more your style and you're pretty good at it.. so if u have to make up stuff.. so be it :D

atish said...

@caliguliminx: I already have it all written down.. guess would have to cut it down drastically to make it readable in one go ..
@sunny: nice one dude.. and thanks
@nandeeta: so I have a style.. gr8 to know that :)

nandeeta said...

well .. one reason i liked this one is cos, for me atleast, what a person thinks is always more interesting than what he does.. you know?
style??!! :D
well ok. style it is. :D