Friday, January 22, 2010

Travels During Winter Break - 2

Pike Place Market - Seattle
Spent an evening roaming around the place. It was the highlight of the 3 day trip. Had a very small city, touristy feel in spite of being so close to downtown Seattle. People playing guitar and piano. Some playing the guitar and the harmonica while hula hooping at the same time. The first Starbucks, the fish market, the fruit sellers, the magic shop, the dozens of stalls selling decorative items and jewelery, tourists clicking pictures - it was an exercise in observation. And a very entertaining one at that.

But for the labels on each fruit and the price tags, I would have thought that I was in India.

Knew about the iPhone app. Hadn't seen one before!

Piggy Banks

The flashy neon sign

Slide Guitar

Felt surprised and sad at the same time. He was playing some beautiful pieces.
But people around him were mostly oblivious. A few tourists stood by and made short videos.


JulyDream said...

LOVE the piggy banks!! :)

MechaniGal said...

I loved this place - I spent nearly 3 hours walking around this area when I was in Seattle recently... I was ready to move to Seattle after that trip :)

zubin said...

Dude ur writing has taken a backseat to ur photographic skills. I appreciate ur photography, but miss ur writing. Get back.