Saturday, January 10, 2009

Images From A Saturday Morning

Right next to my apartment
A dash of colour amidst the white
It was 9:30 but I didn't see anybody outside the house. Good for me though. They would have thought I was crazy clicking pictures of houses in this cold.

For some reason, this caught my attention. Maybe because of the colours.
It's so cold that even the trees need protection. Or maybe it's something else I don't know about? Had it not been for the little green popping out of one of the sacks, I would have had trouble figuring out what they were!


Pi said...

Nice pics! :-)For strange reasons, the thing in pic4 reminds me of a "dreamcatcher".

And yes, they are for protecting trees from winter freeze and snow!



Atish said...

thanks for the confirmation !

pi said...

no see?