Thursday, June 04, 2009

winding up - 2 (a few things i'll miss)

The morning tea and music. Of late it was mostly Rohan who would pick the songs.

The sudden urge to have a drink (mostly on weeknights) which would mean getting a few cans of Kingfisher Strong from the nearby FoodMall and putting on some rock N roll.

Doing nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, on weekends and discussing how happening our life was.

Discussions with my friends: Why some people earn so much. Times Of India. IPL. Cheergirls. Dada. Random surveys and who does them. Bangalore's screwed up infra. Ajit Agarkar. Stock Markets. xkcd. College....

More discussions (mostly after having a few drinks): Women and their unfathomable ways. How 99% of all music is about relationships (mostly failed?). If only we knew more women. 

Will add more as they come to mind


sM said...

Purple Haze

Shreyas said...

winding up can be hard when you are leaving a place you liked...i wasnt particularly fond of gurgaon, its the people who made the place in my case

btw - dude your super techno blogs give me a complex and coupled with you outrageous, perhaps recently acquired, photography skills your blog looks way more attractive than mine...jealous.

Atish said...

@shreyas: my blog was always better looking.. u non tech dumbo :D.. maybe when im there, we can try and ramp up ur blog ..
and yes, the people.

Anonymous said...

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