Monday, April 20, 2009

Another Week Off

Sometime in the beginning of September last year, I had taken a week off from work. To work on my essays. This time around it's to get the paper work done for the admissions and also because I just don't feel like going to office. I'm quite happy with myself. I'm back to planning things. And since I never was a planner of any sorts, it's new and exciting to me. And I'm back to jogging again. Yes, I have that urge every six months or so and then it gradually subsides after a month at the most. 

Today after I came back from my jog, I saw the sky brilliantly coloured by the setting sun. The weather has been like the Bangalore of old since yesterday night and it all added up to bring a smile to my face. Strange, how when things are going well, everything feels all the more beautiful.


Pi said...

Nice pics fella! :D Did you crop the second pic? Cropping doesnt seem to do justice to the pic! Otherwise a brilliant color-play...bring us more


Atish said...

yes i did crop it.. and cant seem to find the original one now!
hope there are more sunsets :)