Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Wednesday Late Afternoon

Clips on the clothes line against the sky

Clips on the clothes line against the trees behind

A close up on the bunch of coconuts which keep falling every now and then on our terrace with a loud thud 

I realized that keeping your hands steady while holding the camera above your head is not very simple. But I guess my Canon has pretty good image stabilization, for this came out better than expected

Spotted this on the house next to us. Was wondering if there's a story behind it. Some sort of a guard? A watchman maybe?

Brightly colored electric wires. This one was taken from the balcony

Another one taken from the balcony. Again, had to hold the camera up. But this time had the support of the railings to steady my hands


sunny said...

Nice pictures!

Pi said...

Nice ones. Should you not give a theme to this set? Get your creativity working? Maybe then I can pen a song on the theme and you can play it ;-) Too much..Happy holi..brilliant color depictions :D


Word verification - RANT RAM (Awesome, eh?!!! ;-))

Atish said...

sunny - good to have u back :)
pi - glad that u liked the pics! creativity? it just wudnt come :P

shravan said...

awesome pics man,..... I almost thought that the first pic is a 3D rendering...