Wednesday, December 12, 2007

2 Years

Lots of Music and a fair bit of Travel with a good measure of Books and the older, familiar stuff thrown in. Morning, Night, Rain and a few others making their first appearances. Double the number of posts and a few pictures here and there. And yes, the changed look. Much has been said. Much, still remains.


anonymous coward said...

this is a fraudie post to complete 52 posts in the this calendar year.

sunny said...

you have to keep mentioning the Changed look again and again! Whats the story behind the new look you never say...

Shreyas said...

down with atish dipankar! i dint expect you to write a fraudie post...aaj mere man mandir se ek bhagwaan ki murti kam ho gayi...

you can make up for it by writing an awesome post soon :)

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