Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Fortune Teller

"Shirdi se aae hain babu. Shanivaar ko Indiranagar me Sai Baba ka....."

"Abhi time nahi hai "

"Beta naukri karte ho ya padhte ho"


"Khush to nahi ho. Time pass hi kar rahe ho. Thoda sabr karo. Aage achcha time hai tumhara"
[Yes, what a thing to say. How innovative!]


"umar kya hai "


"27 ki umar me is desh se bahar jaoge tum..."

[Next year, I apply for MBA. 2009, aged 27, I might actually be out of India. I hang on waiting for him to ask for money]

"jyada friendship nahi karna. dukh pahuch sakta hai..."

[I hang on still]

"shanivaar ko shave nahi karna ...."

[I have a 4 day stubble]

"Marathi ho kya"

"nahi, Bangali"
[Some conversation about Kolkata]

"Shirdi gae ho"

"Haan, 1 baar"

"Lo beta, Sai Baba ka phool le ke jao."
[I go down, even though I know that he is just about to ask for money]

"Bangali brahman ho kya"


"chatterjee, mukherjee....."


"Bangali brahman achche hote hain .."
[Aur baaki? He spots the Red Coral Im wearing on my ring finger]

"Motorcycle jyada mat chalana. Accident ho sakta hai . 2 baar Baba ne bacha lia hai, Sambhaal ke, haan..."
[Since I bought my bike, I have had 2 instances of falling from it. Both, could have been fatal but I escaped without even scratches]

"jee dyan se chalunga"

"ye lo beta.. Baba ka phool. kuch de do.. 100 rupae"

"ghar me paise nahi hai jee abhi"
[I have about 1500 in cash in my purse]

"kitne hain?"

"kuch 30 / 40 rupae hain "
[Yes, I lie without batting an eyelid]

"theek hai beta.. agli baar jyada de dena... khush raho"

I come back to my room where Scorpions is playing the acoustic version of "Always Somewhere", shave and head to office.


anonymous coward said...

mera bhi kuch karwa de yaar ... bengali brahman na sahi, main bhi bhala aadmi hun :)

cathatfished said...

dunno if u've read "the astrologer's day" this short story by rk narayan? the title of this sorta reminded me of that :)

Atish said...

@anon: sorry dude only bengali brahmins allowed :P
@cathatfished: yes ICSE remember :)

Shreyas said...

dude what the fuck was it a real incident? you must have freaked out big time...
or was this an illusion, tere bheje me chemical locha to nahi hai?

Atish said...

@shreyas: 100% real. And no, not freaked... but slightly dazed for sometime. Interesting start to the day, haan :)

zubin said...

Sometimes you just wanna believe it all. And too much of studaaps.

shravan said...!!!
waz that a dream or a made up story...or u having psychedelic experiences..too much dose of alchohol and rock n roll of late

Aditya said...

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Atish said...

@aditya: thanks for visiting and.. for the link :)

Anonymous said...

i need the thing SAI BABA knows what will happen....