Friday, March 30, 2007

New Face, New Voice

She plays both the guitar and the piano with equal dexterity and has a fantastic voice (and an even better false). Spent the entire day listening to her. My favourites are:-
She's the winner of this year's YouTube Awards for the Best Music Video. Check out Terra Naomi. She's quite good looking by the way!

By the way, also loved this song by the 'Sick Puppies'.

Good day at work!


Gurinder Raju said...

hi atish
ya i checked out this video by terra naomi(say it's possible).. a couple of days back .. she is a very good singer ..good with guitar too.. did not spend the entire day listening to her like you but yes a couple of hours .. the same song being played again and again ..
i had seen the "fee hugs" campaign song with music by sick puppies earlier .. they were in the featured video list at technorati for quite long ..

Shreyas said...

no comments...

BehindKlosedDoors said...

dude take a look at this . I will check back here for your comments [:)]

Atish said...

absolutely fantastic.. thanks a ton sammy :)

cathatfished said...

cant believe u put eM on your blogroll. rushdie-lover lends stamp of approval to chicklit :D
you poor thing.
i have had Such a detrimental effect on your reading habits. and ive enjoyed doing that So much too :D
(evil grin)

cathatfished said...

bas now stop sulking :(
likho likho likho!!!!

Atish said...

@cathatfished.. ok soon :)