Thursday, January 25, 2007


Ever felt the urge to write about something but not being able to. Ever felt the feelings, stories yearning to come out but not being able to pen them down for lack of ability. Ability to play with words, to give voice to your feelings, to express them in a way so that the handful of people who might end up reading it can relate to it and understand you, understand what you meant to say.
I am going through that right now. Ideas swirling in my head but I can't get them out. I feel agitated and sad. Agitated because of my own inability. Sad that I am not gifted as some other people I know are. It's a passing phase I guess. It happens to me, just that of late the frequency has increased. Boredom, lack of work, search for something meaningful. The reasons are many though related. I am no writer though I wish I were. But that seems improbable at this stage. I am too busy living my messed up life and yet I enjoy writing, probably more than anything I do during the day. At times I just wish I was more gifted.


cathatfished said...

well thats what you get if u read pamuk - u think u cant write! :D
writers block haan. happens to the best i believe. but its cathartic to put that angst out on paper (or screen, whatever).
keep trying :) u're always fun to read.

atish said...

even this was fun ;P